Psychological Disability Evaluations

The Americans with Disabilities Act provides for job protection in the event of an employee’s emergent or chronic psychological condition. PTSD … Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder … Chronic Mood Disorder … Personal Tragedy

When it comes to disability evaluations, short-term or long-term disability and workplace accommodation, clarity is an absolute necessity for Human Resource management of emergent or chronic psychological conditions. With 30 years of experience as a psychologist provider for Cigna, Healthnet, Aetna, Pacificare, Magellan, Human Behavioral Associates, and other EAP providers, Dr. Hall is qualified to provide you with the information you require.

  • A clear identification of the psychological condition and specific behavioral challenges compared with essential work functions and environment
  • A discussion of potential off work and/or treatment needs of the employee
  • Comprehensive assessment to include interviews with the employee and collaterals such as identified supervisors and/or coworkers familiar with the employees functioning, psychological testing where appropriate, and comprehensive medical and personnel file review
  • Delineation of both industrial and nonindustrial factors that may be impacting essential work functioning

When you require an analysis of job requirements vis a vis behaviorally anchored psychological assessment, Dr. Hall can provide you with the trustworthy, evidence-based opinions that can help you manage even the most challenging disability claims.

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Dr Pamela Hall offers expert witness testimony, PTSD, disability, and workers compensation evaluations. 

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