Post Traumatic Stress and
Other Stressor Related Injuries to the Psyche

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has become a widely used and often misunderstood term, both in public discourse and in litigation.

PTSD is a self-reinforcing pattern of avoidance, negative mindset, and heightened alarm response following exposure to a traumatic stress event.


With more than 30 years of experience in this complex condition and evolving clinical definitions, Dr. Hall can give you rare insight into the mental condition of the examinee. Not all traumatic stress exposure results in a PTSD condition. Not all stressful events are traumatic stress events. Not all persons complaining of PTSD meet criteria for its diagnosis. Not all persons who protest that they are not symptomatic after traumatic stress exposure are free from the condition.

Dr. Hall has been a primary treatment provider for individuals recovering from sexual trauma, combat trauma, and natural disaster. She has been actively involved in assessment of post traumatic stress reactions in the veteran population. She is aware of the complexities facing our first responders as they cope with exposure to criminal violence as well as alarming human tragedy in the course of their daily activities. She is aware of the public concern regarding safety where there is a PTSD condition. She is aware of the private concern of service members, veterans, first responders, and other affected persons that a PTSD condition interferes with employability.

Call on Dr. Hall for an impartial, informed, and well-considered opinion regarding the impact of PTSD symptoms on judgment and safety in the workplace and marketplace.

From Dr. Hall, you can expect comprehensive and reliable analysis of complaints regarding injury to the psyche due to traumatic stress exposure or other stress exposure, including:

  • A clear identification and inquiry into the symptoms and behaviors that are the focus of the legal or occupational question
  • Clinical interviews with the examinee, collateral sources of relevant information, review of medical and other relevant records, and applicable psychological testing
  • A discussion of diagnosis from a DSM V perspective, with use of the DSM IV-TR diagnostic criteria when applicable, ruling in or out a mental condition and ruling in or out PTSD, as indicated by the evidence compiled during the forensic examination
  • A discussion of treatment needs and prognosis of the examinee
  • Consideration of risk and protective factors when risk assessment is required

When PTSD or other stressor-related disorders are an element of a legal case, you need an expert who understands this unique field. Experts agree that criminal, civil, and workplace litigation is on the rise where PTSD is presented as a contributing factor. The State of California Department of Insurance has recently found PTSD to be a presumptive condition for first responders and others facing specifically defined traumatic stress events in the course of their duties.

Dr. Hall has not just jumped on this bandwagon, but has thirty years of knowledge and experience to give you and your clients actionable reports and recommendations. 

Call Dr. Hall when the legal, employment, or family law question is PTSD